Charli XCX is ready to start the party. Nearly two years after cancelling the Sucker Tour in the U.S., the songstress was ready to make up for it by playing a show at Le Poisson Rouge. Similar to The Roxy in Los Angeles, the New York City music hotspot is a go-to for musicians who pine for intimacy.

Packed in a room with close to 1,000 people, Brooke Candy starts the show with her backup dancers. Consisting of queens, they take selfies while Candy struts across the stage. Dressed in a sheer grey Victorian-style chiffon dress and a Cruella-esque blonde and black updo, the pint-sized singer has a presence that cannot be missed. It is no wonder that Candy has often been compared to Lady Gaga. While her set is good, it falls short of being an exceptional performance as she often forgets her lyrics. At the end of the set, Candy pulls out her phone to snap a photo everyone.

After Candy, the Chicago-bred cupcakKe storms the stage. Clad in a rainbow penis charm necklace, black see-through ruffle pants and a lace bodysuit with a Baby Spice-esque hairstyle, cupcakKe is not to be missed. Although I am more familiar with Candy’s work, cupcakKe belts out enjoyable jams like 'Paedophile', 'CPR', 'LGBT' and 'Cumshot'. Unlike Candy, she engages with the audience and spends at least more than 90 percent of the time holding a mic close to her mouth. Even the little gestures such as licking her breast and hands on top of her crotch act as accompaniments to enhance the entire persona of a raunchy rapper. Verdict: leave your parents at home, but bring your friends.

Finally, Charli hits the stage with her producer, Sophie. Dressed in white from head to toe, the duo aren't afraid to bring the party. Think of it this way: when there's a party, you bring the booze. In place of alcohol, an army of smartphones are raised to the ceiling.

Given that the entire purpose of this gig is to play Number One Angel in its entirety, Charli XCX opens the set with 'Roll with Me' and 'Dreamer'. As expected, attendees sing along. Clad in a white fishnet top and shiny hotpants, she twerks, holds the hand of a fan, plays air guitar and holds the mic. Her bold stage presence is a reminder that this is why she is the superstar of Generation Z. If any other performance compares to this, it's Miley Cyrus circa 2014 at the Staples Center. Last but not least, she rounds up the openers on stage for 'Lip Gloss', which will be performed for "one night only". Frankly, I never wanted this party to end.