Label: Because Music: Release date: 10/05/10 Link: Myspace Renaissance woman Charlotte Gainsbourg has been busy. Between being a cult film heroine, anglo-french style icon and suffering a cerebral haemorrhage in 2007, she has somehow managed to produce a third album, IRM, with the help of quirky musical whizzkid and Scientology enthusiast Beck. Released in the UK in Jan, the album didn’t make the headway in the UK that it perhaps deserved, despite great critical acclaim, but then Gainsbourg has always been a delicacy over here in good old Blighty. 'Time Of The Assassins' is the new single taken from the album, and is a truly lovely slice of airy folk pop with the inimitable Beck touch making it a much more interesting and unique prospect than a lot of the female singer songwriters’ offerings out there at the moment. Gainsbourg’s breathy delivery is charming and sweet, with Beck’s echoing synths and strings creating a eerie and ethereal backdrop, which proves to work in perfect synergy with her voice. Recalling some of her father’s musical work, she has clearly decided to embrace her roots, rather than fight against them, which is so often the case with the children of famous parents, and this acceptance of her musical heritage certainly pays off. Gainsbourg proves herself to be as charismatically talented as her father and artily enchanting as her mother and with Beck at the helm, should be getting a damn sight more attention over here. Perhaps her UK festival appearances this summer will serve as the catalyst she needs to get her music out there to the masses and finally get the musical recognition she deserves. Photobucket