There's something sickeningly familiar when you launch yourself into the first track of Cheatahs Coared EP. As soon as that first chord is struck above the thumping bass drum heavy intro, you'll be hearing the song in your head a second before it reaches your ears.

Just because it lacks originality doesn't mean it should be damned for these transgressions. For some it'll conjure memories of the first time you listened to Dinosaur Jr. or Sonic Youth. Which is no accident. Those fuzzed out guitars and sighing breathy vocals obviously know where their roots lie and Cheatahs wear their influences proudly on their chests, because this is what they breath. (Credit to ASAP Rocky for that one.)

If you're looking for more recent contemporaries think The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart and their countless noiserock shoe-obsessed peers playing a radio friendly set to help break these bands out of music for 'those in the know' and into the realm of the musical plebeian.

'Froshed' is the only real chink in the armour. Tedious and lethargic it ambles about fulfilling the bare minimum until the curtain call. Maybe three tracks just aren't enough for an EP to be taken seriously these days.

This isn't a particularly inspiring EP, but it certainly places them firmly on the ones-to-watch radar for fans of the genre.