Chet Faker's soul-infused electro-blues sound springs from Melbourne roots, but you might not say it sounds typically Australian, or that it would fit on a bill with Toro Y Moi and Washed Out (as it will). Still 'his' (real name unknown) debut EP Thinking In Textures is a cool summer night, wisps of breeze licking at your hands; but can it establish Faker as a genuine contemporary of the scene?

If anything, gently surging, softly crooned tracks such as 'Terms and Conditions' and 'Love and Feeling' have more in common with Jamie Woon's sultry swagger than the blissful synths of Chaz Bundick. Faker indulges his blues and jazz influences more than either however, carving out his own niche whilst hitting up some timeless touchstones.

The bulk of the EP is supremely listenable to, Faker's laconic, husky drawl elegantly complimenting the bubbling rhythms and carefully measured keyboard hits. There are moments tracks such as 'Terms and Conditions' beg for that outside the box texture or break to emphasize the impact, but then, perhaps Faker always meant for this outing to pander not to any urge for a token drop, to continue simmering away at its own pace.

By fifth track 'Cigarettes and Chocolate' Faker has shifted direction into a more cut-up, looped blissed out electro piece, a well-measured change of texture if not direction; and therein lies my only real gripe with this 7-track. That's a lot of tracks for an EP, and despite a high level of individual quality, they drift along at slightly too glacial a pace over a sustained half hour listen, whereas one or two more change-ups would make for a more thrilling effort.

Dipped into however, this is essentially a seriously smooth mini-album from a mystery-man in the process of developing a strong personal take on a sound there is a definite dearth of right now, and 'No Diggity', 'I'm Into You' and the aforementioned 'Cigarettes and Chocolate' especially could easily hold their own spun alongside Chaz, Ernest and Jamie on that balmy summer night.