Label: Domino Records Release date: 21/06/10 Link: Official Myspace 'Breaking Walls' is the first single to be taken from Chief's first full-length album, Modern Rituals, which is released in August. If you were hoping that the boundaries being broken here might be musical ones, prepare to weep salty tears of cynicism. Judging from this single, Chief stand at the opposite end of the spectrum to the more experimental Domino Records signings such as Animal Collective and Four Tet. 'Breaking Walls' is four and a half minutes of light, no-surprises indie-pop with some nice harmonies thrown in. It flows along from low-key verse to uplifting chorus to brief guitar solo with a plodding but pleasant melancholy. However, this familiarity is sure to be the track's greatest selling-point as it makes it the perfect music for casual listeners to chill out to as well as lending it a certain anthemic quality for gigs and festivals. Fairly enjoyable but by no means exciting. Photobucket