Label: Warp Release date: 28/07/10 Link: Official Site The riotous party-funk of !!! (Chk Chk Chk) is never going to be to everybody’s tastes; there’s a deceptively thin line dividing style and substance, broken down only by the daring and the stupid, and while one could never accuse the California hipsters of being what most right-thinking folk would define as ‘stylish’, there’s a certain level of don’t-give-a-fuck cool and bravado in their stride. Which is just as well, given that their previous attempts at substance brought us lyrics like ‘I chatted her up out on the dance-floor’, complete with ‘hedonistic’ (read: twattish) house party video. It’s also just as well that !!! are a fuck load of fun, as anyone who’s ever been to one of their live shows will attest to. There’s a trippy quality to their sound that doesn’t always reach its full potential, but with 'AM/FM', it works. Almost. It kicks off like a Happy Mondays jam-session and, interestingly/disappointingly, saves its structural experiments for the chorus, stumbling slightly before the bass struts right back in again. And that’s about it. There aren’t any real surprises here and it’s not going to convert any newcomers to the band, but they probably won’t lose any sleep over it; there aren’t many mainstream artists like !!! that could do what they do with more skill. They could do this shit in their sleep ('AM/FM' almost comes across like they don’t even need you to be a fan). Sometimes the track is successful. Occasionally it’s awkwardly-executed; of course, it’s something that’s never going to show up when this song crops up at their gigs, so what are you even reading this for? Go see them. Photobucket