Label: Xtra Mile Website: Myspace In moments of retrospect I often think to myself that beauty comes out of the unknown, that’s a one in the morning philosophical given, right? I’m not so sure beauty or beautifulness is produced through method, planning or trying hard to make something beautiful. Nintendo, the lead single off Brighton based singer/songwriter Chris T-T’s forthcoming Love Is Not Rescue album, falls into the latter category. It ticks many boxes on the ‘Beautiful song’ checklist. Lead with piano to put the listener in a reflective mood – check; sparse background instrumentation, slow build up –check; a xylophone – check; sounds a bit like Stephen Fretwell – check; touching lyrics – well, almost. The song seems to start off on a note about love and loss, we’re introduced to a girl called Maria – another two ticks on the checklist – but by the end we’re urged by T-T’s sombre vocal to “Get a job/Buy a Nintendo.” I could have missed some biting satire, or some huge theme here but I’m not too sure. It just moves the song from the realm of one attempting to make you feel something to one that pricks your ears thanks to a bizarre lyric. There are people who have a knack for writing serene, emotive songs, nay ballads. Ben Folds has moulded a successful career out of manipulating the pop song in the very manner that Chris T-T attempts here. In 2006 Liam Frost managed it with The Mourners of St. Paul’s from his debut album. Nintendo unfortunately shows that Chris T-T, prior to releasing his seventh studio album, is yet to defeat the boss at the end of the first level. Photobucket