Images taken at St Giles in the Fields by Tim Boddy on December 10th.

Situated just up from the top of the vibrant Denmark Street, the very ornate St. Giles in the Fields church was to be the chosen venue for the former Girls frontman's second London show.

Despite the solo tagline, Owens did not appear alone onstage. Surrounded by seven other musicians (including the much made of saxophonist and flutist/harmonicist) the band were elegantly strewn together, lit by a single chandelier hung high from the ceiling.

Cutting a stylish shape as he alternated between standing and sitting positions on stage (each change rather endearingly signifying a 'fast song' or 'slow song' respectively) Owens played out his new album, Lysandre, in full. The album’s songs flowed together seamlessly - this sense of togetherness was in no doubt due in part to it’s overriding theme - a personal love story, and the relatively short time it took to write.

Owens' lyricism and tone were also of note. If the stunning setting itself had already sparked for most audience members memories (probably ones mainly about uncomfortable pews), recollections, and abstract thought, then Owens' voice was the perfect sound to continue to evoke any amount of nostalgia, warmth and memory.

The album itself was very short - in just over half an hour Lysandre was over, with Owens signalling this to the virgin eared audience with a second exaggerated and amused bow.

Eyeing up the numerous chattels surrounding him on the small stage, (altar, lectern and yet more pews) Owens elected to stay on stage for the encore. "We'll just stay," he mused to rippling giggles.

Covers ensued - Cat Stevens, Simon and Garfunkel, Donovan and a true treat, Bob Dylan's 'Don't Think Twice, It's Alright'.

And despite much of the music world lamenting in typical soundbite fashion that the end of Girls had meant the "end of the flowers," a few pretty blossoms kept him company on stage nevertheless, with Owens handing them out to the front of the audience at the end of the show.

And once the flowers had all gone, Owens strode back down the church aisle, through the cheering crowd (which happened to contain The Horrors' Faris Badwan) and disappeared through the main doors.