Label: Southern Records Release Date: 04/06/2010 Website: Official Myspace Chrome Hoof are possibly the most unique band London has to offer these days. It is just impossible to describe their music. First time I saw them, I was like: WTF?! Is this a band? Is this an orchestra? Hailing from London this 11-piece rave orchestra looks more as if they just landed from Uranus, armed of bassoon, sax, trumpet, keyboards, violin, cello, percussion, samplers, guitars, bass, drums - and five or six vocalists – not to mention the stunt men and the dancers. But it is not only for their looks (and the stunning costumes worn by Lola Olafisoye, singer and amazing performer), in addition to the mayhem they normally create on stage, that Chrome Hoof are one of the most talked about bands of the moment. With years and years of experience together and completely different music backgrounds that they fuse together in Chrome Hoof, this band will be remembered for their uniqueness and theatricality as only few contemporaries will (like… like…. – well, I can’t even think of any at the moment, see?) I’ve personally been following them for a while and in my opinion they’re just getting better and better. Following the brilliant 2007 Pre-Emptive False Rapture, Crush Depth proves that the band has grown up, developing its sound towards higher heights and edgier edges; Crush Depth is a mind-blowing, energetic mix of math-rock, prog, funk, disco and psychedelia - but I would say I can discern some hints of jazz and metal in it, too. Am I crazy? Just listen to it, and you’ll understand. They remind me of The Residents, for their spookiness and energy, and for the subtle use of vocals and powerful voice of Lola’s.Drums and bass constitute the skeleton on which the tracks are built up, an eclectic crescendo from no wave rhythms to manic hardcore noise (yes, there’s some noise too!). The album follows the same scheme their gigs, kicking off with a power-intro that sets the mood for the whole album and swinging between ‘softer’ (but still frekking upbeat, and a bit disco-y) tracks and more hardcore beats, building up till the final hysteric blow up. The richness of their sound is just unbelievable. To be honest, it could even sounds too rich, for ears used to the more minimalist melodies and bare sounds of most of the one(or two)-man electro-pop-soft/punk-disco bands that are so hype right now. But stay true to themselves and they’ll be rewarded for not selling themselves to the tastes and aesthetics of the market. Touring the US last year with Sunn 0))) and opening for Klaxons in 2007 (when they were *famous*…), Chrome Hoof have proved once again to be the real deal, and despite the hype that surrounds the forthcoming release of Crush Depth, I am sure we’ll hear from them for more than just a season. Photobucket