Synthpop phenomenon CHVRCHES have seemingly burst from the blue, amassing bundles of hype on a scant splattering of tracks, invading our bubbles of everyday banality with charming electro-syrup as infectious as smallpox and more effervescent than Berocca. 'Lies' was still relatively hot off the press when the Scottish trio were being gifted accolades from every corner of the media; 'The Mother We Share' launched them into the eyes of those in positions of power, and it began semi-regular rotation on Radio One, with the band eventually placing fifth in the BBC's annual Sound Of list. This year alone they've begun the tremendous, arduous task of trying to conquer our brethren across the Atlantic, with a US tour and one of the most anticipated slots at this years SXSW Festival. Back in February we were privy to a new cut, 'Recover', the lead single off the upcoming EP of the same name.

The lead track, which you must have heard by now, is a juddering slab of rose-tinted breakup, airbrushed with weeping synths and skittish beats. Lead vocalist Lauren Mayberry strains her pipes against a dreaded relationship ultimatum: "And if I recover, will you be my comfort?/ Or it can be over, and we can just leave it here." It's remixed twice on the record. The Cid Cim version takes a glitchier approach, rekindling memories of technicolour NES villains, with echoing blips traversing the kHz levels. There's a techno dusting, and the usual pop purity is replaced with tinges of house, and rather than being an emotional plea, the reworking is now a soiree of tension and smoke.

Mayberry lets her lungs rest (for the most part) on 'ZVVL', the title, as far as we can see, being the result of someone mashing their paws on a keyboard. It's dubstep without bass – there are drops, with tribal percussion and flayed samples, but no migraine-inducing wib-wobbery. It's considerably darker than previous outputs, and this foray is razor encrusted, providing a palpable edge that was otherwise unseen. At times it feels like a threat. 'Now Is Not The Time' sees the threesome return to more usual fare, which is actually slightly disappointing after the wonderfully jarring noir of 'ZVVL'. 'Now Is Not The Time' has shadows of earlier M83, mixed with flecks of 80s new wave – it's smooth, burdened by feeling and full of synth wizardry. There are plastic drums and breathy vocals behind melodic piano, but the overarching tone is woven by Mayberry and her waltz with the keys.

CHVRCHES have express tickets to the mainstream consciousness and there's little that will stop that. Releases of this calibre will do nothing to halt that rapid progress, and with an LP surely somewhere in the works for later this year/maybe early 2014, they're going to become firm fixtures in the charts. Frankly, that moment can't come soon enough.