Label: What's Your Rupture Release date: 11/10/10 Link: Myspace Cinema Red and Blue's debut album is a realisation that something is missing from the music scene. A sound not unlike The New Pornographers and Twin Cinema, Cinema Red and Blue bring a new and tantalisingly fresh album to your ears. The album is almost reminiscent of late 1970s pop punk, bands such as Joy Division with just as much mellow depression in both the lyrics and vocals. The self titled album is well nurtured and put together, flowing from one track to the next. This is surprising when you discover the formation of the band comes from a mix of very diverse bands; Crystal Stilts, Comet Gain and The Ladybug Transitor. The sound they have created is nothing short of a surreal foray into a musical daydream with each track leaving you wanting more and more. The album is a configuration of a whole host of experiences Cinema Red and Blue have gone through and brought to the table to create one of the best original albums of 2010. The album kicks off with 'Far Out Isn't Far Enough,' with the lead singer's vocals right at the heart of the song and bringing meaning to the bands name. The trilogy of 'Ballad' songs that kickstart the album are rhyming couplets that have very simplistic lyrics that come together and definitely make you want to stand at a bus blasting out the self titled album for all unknowing ears to hear. 'Charlie Clarke' is the standout track of the album, with the haunting lyrics and synth melodies mixed together beautifully. The rest of the album doesn't fail to deliver with more experiences of life and where it leads to, strumming its way slowly through to the end just like life. Overall it is a fantastic collaboration of 3 different bands who have a put together an album which is well produced and creatively pulls on life experiences for others to hum along to and to reflect on. Cinema Red And Blue is an album everyone should have listened to by the end of year. Photobucket