Germany has always had a history of pioneering electronic music. Kraftwerk are perhaps the best example, but there's a very good reason that Bowie et al. trundled off to Berlin in the 70s - and since that fateful decade, the nation has lured and nurtured acts from across the spectrum of electronic music, from eurodance to doomtronica. These days, as R&B and pop regain a popularity not seen since the late 90s/early 00s, Germany is spitting out a great deal of synthpop maestros. One such outfit is the Munich-based Claire, comprising a drummer, three producers, and the enigmatic Josie-Claire Bürkle on vocal duties.

After storming casa del blog with 'Games', Claire were on a roll. Gathering momentum, they did they best thing they could - squirt out an EP. Broken Promise Land is that EP. 'Games' features, in all its iridescent glory, shimmering like stars. There's a similarity to their British counterparts Mausi or touring partners CHRVCHES, in that they weave a tapestry from superb pop hallmarks, soft hooky synths and dazzling duelling voices. It's slicker than Oliver Sims' hair.

Other cuts on the EP are equally, or in fact more, awesome. 'Pioneers' is a breathy, trembling post-popstep effort lit by scarlet bulbs and featuring the seductive computerised blip-bleeps of Massive Attack; it's unabashedly sexy. 'Set Out With Me' is more like New Zealand's finest electro-popstars, The Naked and Famous. Languid pads and pastel-shaded earworms scurry alongside fluid rhythms and the dulcet pipes of Josie-Claire. The title track is sharp, coolly anthemic and stuffed like a roast turkey with infectious euphoria. It's adorned with harmonic gold and themes of immediate carefree impulse. They revel in youth.

You'd think that three producers would be a terrible set-up - look at Moderat's inner squabblings - but Claire manage with apparent ease to work like a well-oiled machine. They're churning out Top 40 and festival jewels (if you've got even a remote chance of catching them live, do it), and given CHVRCHES' rise to stardom, Claire shouldn't have much trouble following suit. They've got emotional heft, a broad palette of tones, stupendous pop hooks and viral beats. There's no weak link in this EP, and Broken Promise Land infers an illustrious future ahead of Claire. In one fell swoop, Claire will become your new favourite band.