Label: Maman Records Release Date: 07/06/2010 Website: Official Myspace Clock Opera, brainchild of frontman Guy Connell, have had various critics clucking with delight, even garnering approving nods from both The Guardian and The Times. In fact, The 405's own Hannah Morgan has had some positive words to say about their live show (link). Coming after a slew of remixes which includes the widely acclaimed take on Marina and The Diamonds’ I Am Not A Robot, A Piece of String is the group's second original single. The track begins with a mandolin sample, chopped up to near glitch, which sounds like something you might hear on a tropical island level of a SNES game. This serves as an anchoring motif for the song, around which other sounds congregate. Raspy synths, what sounds like knives and forks hitting a skip and Connell's own honeyed vocals gradually flesh these bones into a dramatic dance tune with a number of clever subtleties and one fantastic drop. Certainly pop, but deservedly popular. Photobucket