Release Date: Out Now Website: Here's a band who's mundane existent peaked when they were featured on the soundtrack to one of the worst films of 2006 - Snakes On A Plane. But wait just a minute, let's not be so hasty in going as far as to place irritating electro embarrassment Cobra Starship and the legendary Samual L Jackson in the same box! That'd be an ungodly mistake, right? Well, I've gotta say Snakes On A Plane never lived up to the critics expectations and evidently Cobra Starship's Kiss My Sas has clearly followed in it's footsteps. Ok, so this is should be about the music, right? Well, If you can bare to bring yourself to sit through a whiny,pubescent,incredibly flimsy performance filled with plastic and tacky lyrics from front man/talentless tool Gabe Saporta, then you're a better person that I'll ever be. The whole thing just seemed to be really watered down from start to finsih. If by then you ears haven't started to bleed, you'll be quick to notice the numerous un needed (or wanted for that matter) remixes that are thrown in just to make the best of a really bad job. Here's a little pointer for you Gabe - A remix is supposed to be better than or on the same level as the original song, not WORSE! So unless you're a teenage girl who's going to quickly inform me on how much of a "loser" i am, or from Cobra Starship yourself - I will gladly be putting these songs into my recycle bin and clicking delete. There is no Sas found here, in fact, quite the opposite! An epic waste of air. Rating: 1/10