Label: Universal Release date: 08/11/10 Link: Official Site Buy: Amazon As a 23-year-old black Londoner performing as CocknBullKid, Anita Blay will not conform to stereotypes. She has consistently lashed out against the inherent prejudice she sees in the media, after a photographer asked her “to be more urban” for the camera. In refusing to be pigeon-holed, and conform to the ubiquitous R'n'B tat you can hear rattling away on the back seat of any school bus, she has potentially crafted one of the most perfect pop songs of the year. 'One Eye Closed' unashamedly follows in the footsteps of Theoretical Girl and Marina and the Diamonds; innocently charming gloomy and despairing lyrics over a subversively optimistic base. The influence of Abba is indisputable, with the synthetic drums and keyboard building a complex sound tempered by a gritty guitar hook more suited to early Muse. This is pop music for adults, unabashed in its whimsical chorus, just daring you not to sing along. Lyrics such as “everyday is torture/ but everyday I get a little closer” evoke a maturity in Blay, whilst clearly recognising the impact of Morrissey on her writing. If you are tired of the generic pop music in the charts today, CocknBullKid is a welcome relief to the status quo; writing fun, humble pop songs with no agenda other than to put a smile on your face. Photobucket