Code Pie, a band not known to many, a band with a terrible name, are surprisingly good band. Love Meets Rage is their debut album which was released on the 5th April. It is an album compiled of young love blues set to slightly beach boys-esque tones with a scuzzy, lo-fi undertones.

Love Meets Rage is a happiness invoking LP with youthful bursts of fun set to guitar music, strange percussion instruments and keyboard samples. It is the sound of both care-free youth and young love. This album pretty much transports you to a field in the middle of America somewhere in a hot summer haze.

Highlights of the album include upbeat catchy pop(ish) song 'Operator' and the lovely string lead song 'Before I forget' as well as the slightly MGMTish 'Muddy Shoes'.

This album is perfect to listen to in the sunshine on a stress free day and will certainly be one of my chill-out albums for my upcoming holiday. If you're a fan of the likes of MGMT, Avi Buffalo, Babeshadow and Vampire Weekend, then you should take a listen to this album, I think you'll really like it.