It's become increasing cool to take a look back at the 80s. While many focus on the dancier aspects of the early end of that decade,Cold Cave took to the darker elements. On Love Comes Close, the band's 2009 debut, Wesley Eisold and co. assimilated some of their obvious influences. Goth, post-punk, darkwave - it was all present there, but present in a way that still felt fresh and boundary pushing. It's great to see a band do that, especially when through such an obvious lens as Cold Cave chose. Now while Cherish The Light Years isn't quite the endeavour that Love Comes Close was, it still manages to get a few great songs out there.

I hate to be that guy that gripes about a band that sounds too much like their influences, but it's certainly noteworthy on this album to hear an even more marked influence from their post-punk forerunners. It's not that it's a particularly bad thing to sound like New Order, I'm all for that, it's just that they had such a good thing with songs like 'Life Magazine' and 'Heaven Was Full'. Despite the influences there, they were able to make it still sound new. Here it's just not as instantly grabbing. Certainly stuff like this can sound better with time, but I might as well listen to New Order if I want something that sounds like New Order.

Now, that previous paragraph perhaps sounds a bit more scathing than I intend. There are certainly some awesome songs on here. Eisold sounds incredibly intense on lead single and leadoff track 'The Great Pan Is Dead'. It's something that might have been a good fit on the most recent Abe Vigoda album, which is interesting to say the least. It shows that even though Cold Cave hasn't really branched out in style, they have in dynamics to some degree.

'Underworld USA' is an interesting case. Like 'The Great Pan Is Dead' it exhibits a greater dynamic range than anything on Love Comes Close did, but it also exhibits pining, affected vocals, driving synths, and four on the floor drum beats - some of the most prototypical post-punk turns. It's a somewhat tired formula, but somehow it works.

It feels like Cold Cave is trying to outrun their idols on Cherish The Light Years, but unlike other bands who take on similar endeavours, they actually manage to do so on some songs. There's certainly a lot of good stuff here, it just seems like a regression from their previous effort.