Label: Matador Records Release date: 02/11/09 Website: A clump of distorted noise, cymbals, two chords repeated on a guitar, a muffled indistinct voice from out of it all. This is the first experience of Cold Cave on the track ‘Cebe and Me’. After this introduction a somewhat Motorik beat accompanies strumming guitar, a minimal synth line and deadpan male vocals in the drone like piece, which forms the title track ‘Love Comes Close’. The beat continues its way through the album, rubbing up against simplistic synth lines, alternating male and female vocals and various twittering and flickering sound effects. Occasionally some guitar makes an appearance, generally distorted, flanged and wavering along with the rest of the boisterous cacophony. It all becomes samey and monotonous pretty quickly and there is nothing exciting or unusual that happens along the way to mark it out as doing anything different or special. In fact listening to the whole album it is difficult to tell where one song ends and the next begins. Instead of trying to draw us in with bewitching melody or stimulate our minds with thought provoking lyrics the closest we get to originality is the repeated refrain in ‘The Laurels of Erotomania’ “People pay attention to me”. I love a good bit of synth noise and a well-placed sine wave has been known to bring more than a few tears to my eye. However I didn’t hear anything here that I haven’t heard before and in a more effective context. Whilst some may appreciate this level of musical conformity I find it difficult to recommend and certainly not as anything providing an original or entertaining listening experience. Rating: 3/10 What say you on this?Sound off in our Fourum!