Label: Lazy Acre Records Release date: 24/03/11 Link: Official Website Buy: Amazon Cold Mailman seem to have developed into a full-blown band in the last few years, developing from the solo project of Ivor Bowitz into a five piece ensemble, and now returning with second album Relax; The Mountain Will Come To You. The Norwegian outfit is billed as a purveyor of indie-pop and February’s pre-album single ‘Pull Yourself Together And Fall In Love With Me’ did little to suggest otherwise. There are other tracks of this ilk on the release such as ‘Petra Pan’ and ‘Fatal Conversation’, but the latter starts to show a band that has developed a bigger (more electric) sound and is willing - when necessary - to give proceedings more of a stomp. The album has two faces that work extremely well in their contrasting nature, showing both a playful pop side, and a sombre, resonating one. There is nothing depressing about when things get a bit more serious as this is never allowed to be the focal point for long, and is a bit like stepping out of the cinema on a sunny day – the light is that bit brighter as you’ve been in a dark place. It would have felt correct if the album finished on ‘Katrina’, but the honour is rightfully reserved for the wonderful ‘Lullaby’; preceded by the calming ‘End Of The Day’, its building, harmonised vocals of “Is it all we are” identify it as the pinnacle of the release. It closes in style an album that has moved on both from its predecessor, and its own beginning. Relax; The Mountain Will Come To You flows extremely well, and has this great disposition of working as an album to listen to all the way through, or - due to the song groupings - pick up at certain points for a few tracks to accommodate your mood. I guess folk will decide which way it sits for them, but I think I’ll end up using it in both ways, which can’t be a bad thing. Photobucket