In a world fraught with a multitude of complex juxtapositions, whether in personal lives or within the bigger picture of life people often ask questions and sometimes creativity is spawned from those questions. Collapse Under The Empire has spent the last little while contemplating and encapsulating their thoughts into their new album, Shoulders & Giants.

Hailing from Hamburg in Germany the duo made up of Martin Grimm and Chris Burda have embarked on their journey to create a concept album made up of two parts. The first being this album Shoulders & Giants. Its themes are centered around existence, advancement, freedom, isolation and death.

Like their previous records this album is completely instrumental and would sit very comfortably in the confines of the post rock genre. Its full to the brim of spaced out guitars, sky rocketing through the use of delays and tremolos. There’s nothing incredibly new in that, we’ve heard Mogwai, Explosions, 65 Days and many others perform the same act on many albums. Saying that, and to their credit these guys can pull it off as well as the best of them.

The drums and electronics here are what makes things sound slightly different from many other post rock albums, their production is really nice and the listener is spoilt with an array of sounds panning through the speakers adding to the atmospherics and allowing the duo to realize their concepts.

To be critical I would have to suggest that the duo’s use of the typical post rock guitar sounds makes this stand out a little less well compared to their contemporaries than it perhaps could. I imagine if their sound was directed more towards the electronic and production side of things, which they do really well, then they could make huge strides into a more unusual territory.

Nevertheless a decent post rock album in it’s own right and as I said I’ve really enjoyed the production of the record that has obviously been considered to great depths. The next part of the concept piece will be the release of their next album called Sacrifice & Isolation next year.