Label: Datawaslost Link: We’re all familiar with the 80’s electro-pop revivalist sound of the past couple of years, too familiar some of you wail. But what about 60’s influenced electro-pop, flicking back a couple of decades? Enter stage right, Coltrane Motion. The Chicago based duo have fused together a number of music styles to be fair, or anything from “the last 40 years of pop music” as they put it. This Year Without a Summer is distinctively electronic in sound yet marrying lo-fi elements, from raw drums to unpolished beeps and synths. The bubbly synths drive the track forward, with a high-pitched repetition that feels light and sweet in texture. Almost to the point where the taste is too sickly, but pulls back from this and instead remains catchy and infectious, helped by the short track time (2:31). B-side Maya Blue shows a different, arguably deeper side to Coltrane Motion. 90’s shoegaze and dreamy atmospherics combine with an uplifting psychedelic backing synth to create noise-pop that delightfully washes over, yet absorbs simultaneously. 60’s Melodic tones and “Bah ba-ba's” add to the layers. Somehow managing to sound similar to early Cut Copy in the process, especially the vocals, if Cut Copy were to relocate to a bedroom with only a laptop, and just have a blast.

There is something familiar, yet new about them; akin to a sense of satisfaction when watching your granddad send an e-mail for the first time. Providing an unusual platter of genres and genuinely sounding fresh, which is a tough thing today; fellow duo Matt & Kim being the closest comparison to do the similar artist technique. Coltrane Motion should certainly be lauded for inventiveness, and for a pretty damn fine execution too.