Label: Merok Release date: 04/10/09 Link: Comanechi/Divorce Before we start, let’s get the requisite bits of information that many reviews of this release will include out the way, like the fact that Comanechi’s drummer/vocalist also plays in The Big Pink (you know, those guys who wrote that song about some game), or that Divorce is four fifths girl and so we should all be very patronisingly impressed that they can make such an unladylike racket. What matters more than all this is the fact that it is bloody ace and you should buy it. The split 7” kicks off with a track from Glasgow’s finest noise-core pedlars Divorce, who on this track sound a bit like a non-electronic HEALTH mixed with London sludgers Part Chimp taking red bull as opposed to whiskey as their primary substance of choice. Although clearly recorded on a budget, we wouldn’t want it any other way, as it somehow manages to sound both dirty as fuck and bitingly taught at the same time. Unfortunately they don’t seem to have much more material out at the moment (apologies if that’s not true), but hopefully that’ll change in the near future. Perhaps the more established of the two acts, Comanechi make more than enough noise between the two members. Unlike some of their previous offerings, which have been characterised by a more energetically riotous vibe (see 'Rabbit Hole'), this tune is slightly more ponderous and stonerish, in its slower moments bringing a more tuneful 'Palehorse' to mind. As the song draws to a close with a few seconds of menace and doom, the melodies and riffs are left ringing in your ears, and the dust finally settles, you’ll realise that you’ve just heard something awesome, and you’ll need to hear more. Although you don’t need to be a Sonic Youth fan to dig it, the joint cover of Death Valley ’69 is especially awesome for those that are. The two bands have managed to capture something of those titans’ particular brand of art-noise, at the same time as modernising the tune with their own particular and equally unhinged brands of aggression. They’ve just finished a joint UK tour, which is frustrating as they’re both clearly bands who must be seen live, but this split will just have to do until they hit the road again. And oh, it will most certainly do. Photobucket