Label: Communtion Release date: 01/03/10 Myspace Founded in 2006 and running quietly but highly esteemed club nights in Bristol, Brighton and London, it's about time Communion Records threw some tracks on to a cd. They've also sneakily only made it available to stream online thus far, ensuring you're hooked before the release date comes around. This is one of the folkiest things I have ever heard, and it's amazing. Choc-full of acoustic finesse, unexpected flirtations with violas, ukes or pianos, barely-there percussion, and gorgeous harmonising. It is absolutely everything you'd expect from such a collection, and it's so much more: summoning the latest wave of folk artists with all their stunning, understated magic. Each artist has their own twist on mellow, sonorous, and moving in what is a heart-warming and uplifting collation. There's a wonderful gradation between the more epic, orchestral pieces and the bare bones, people-with-guitars sounds. And in spite of it all being quintessential folk, every track is different and every band gives their own exquisite new flavour. Communion holds an impressive list of well established and up-and-comers of the folk scene whom they associate with regularly, so a compilation album of this sort will probably be the first of many. As a taster of the whole movement it's an excellent one and would hopefully lead into a spate of album buying and gig-going for any listener. There's too much of joy in this, it's gentle and exuberant, a sterling choice of the best of Communion thus far, whilst cannily avoiding riding directly on the back of the current success of Mumford and Sons. Highlights are Broadcast 2000's 'That Sinking Feeling' and Beans on Toast's expressive nod towards growing old, and we also find Alessi's Ark, Pete Roe, and Peggy Sue. A fantastic starter album for someone unsure about nu-folk, and serving as a splendid highlights reel of the work Communion has done thus far towards the burgeoning folk scene and it's newer talent. You'll be hard pressed not to find yourself buying this album and then falling in love with each artist separately. Simply too good for me to resent the cunning marketing. Photobucket