A couple of weeks have passed since I got to see one of my hero's in his latest set up called 'Conor Oberst and The Mystic Valley Band' and I think it's about time I went over my experience. As most of you will know Conor is the genius troubadour behind Bright Eyes and over his short life he's managed to create the sort of music that garnished him the 'Dylan for our generation' title. Which for me is pretty accurate. Having seen Bright Eyes before many times and having a stupid amount of fun at each gig I was a little bit anxious as to how his latest project would go down, especially in the face of all the criticism he got from his legion of hardcore fans that claimed he's softened with his first solo release. I'm a pretty hardcore fan myself and I also tend to defend my favourite bands/artists to the death if I have to but for me the album is far from amazing. It's definitely a solid 7/10 album and definitely better than a lot bands releases this year but as an artist you're always going to be compared to what you've done in the past, which for Conor is a 10/10.  So how was the gig? Well as much as my girlfriend would say otherwise I thought it was really good and in my mind it made the album stronger as the live setting made sense of it all. The strong songs on the album like 'Danny Callahan' still sounded strong but more importantly some of the weaker songs on the album benefited from the overall band experience which oozed confidence and fun. Each member of the assorted Mystic Valley Band looked like they were having the time of their life's, which the sold out crowd at the Electric Ballroom fed off for the entire 2 hour set. As for Conor's performance it was nice to see him so relaxed for a change, he definitely seems more comfortable in this set-up. Whether Conor will be with his Valley Band for long is debatable but as long as he's writing good songs and enjoying himself then I won't complain.