To be honest, after my first listen of the album I didn’t think I would be able to write anything about it. When reviewing I like to choose things out of my comfort zone, but this felt like an unachievable task. However there is something about this album that changed my opinion.

I first listened Tumult back to front and this was what my problem was. The end has a slower tempo and everlasting build-ups where the drop just seems to be non-existent. More about that later on. Let's start from the beginning.

'Escapism' is a mind boggling electronic journey, from start to finish, a brutal way to start the record. Fittingly the next adventure is named 'A Long Peaceful Journey' and there is no better way to describe it than that. 'Hoarfrost' is another peaceful affair, with chilling high pitch tones, which would be perfect for a winter’s night listening, an experience I am yet to have.

The loud abrasive sound comes back with 'Rusty Handcuffs', which is then soothed by 'Nova Stella', another relaxed low tempo song. This is where I feel the album takes a turn for the worse. Other than 'Vinter Sol' and 'King of Kings', the album peels off in a slow direction in the same way that Daft Punk’s release for Tron does, which gives it the that sort of film soundtrack feeling. With the addition of Christian Bale talking in his Batman voice, everything would be better.

'Vinter Sol' however is a little gemstone on the album, with its wintery chimes would heat up any cold winters day. 'King of Kings' is, in my opinion, the best track on the album. Ambiguous but definitely epic sounding.

My main issue with the album is that to put it in basic terms, I don’t get it. He is described as being an experimental artist and that’s exactly what this album is. Like any good scientist, they have good experiments and bad experiments. This is proof of that.