Coparck is a little known Dutch alternative band from Amsterdam who have quickly become an all time favorite of mine. The moment I saw their music video for the song “A Good Year For The Robots” I was hooked, the song is immediately catchy, the video also very fun and gets you into the story it tells. After hearing “A Good Year For The Robots” I went searching to hear more, which wasn’t easy as their songs are not widely available, even over the internet. After some searching I found their song “The World of Tomorrow” one of the best piano pop songs I have ever heard, the chorus never left my head for about a month.

Coparck’s sound is based around an experimental rock/alternative sound with a lot of electronic samples thrown in, and almost every song features a keyboard (which as a keyboardist I love that). The lead singer has a very

raspy but clear voice and is easy to listen to and is great in all the variety of styles the band does. I am not sure how popular this band is, but I figured since I had a hard time finding much about them then others may have a hard time even hearing about them, so I needed to get the word out. I have posted here a couple of videos from Coparck, the songs “A Good Year For The Robots” and “World of Tomorrow”, hope you enjoy.

"A Good Year For The Robots"



"World of Tomorrow"


Coparck's Myspace Page