Label: Tummy Touch Records Link:   I get a lot of dodgy looking CD/DVD's through the post but this one certainly looked to be the dodgiest of them all. Thankfully the dodgyness on this occasion is a good thing! Tiff McGinnis, aka Crazy Girl, is a London based musician, film-maker, animator, illustrator, games developer and all around mental case, or crazy case if you will! Her latest project is this multimedia release through Tommy Touch Records called Southern Belle From Hell. It's basically a 17 track album and a half hour long animation/movie which goes along with it. At first I was really not bothered about what I was seeing but soon enough the music and film collided and it felt like I was in some weird homage to Fear and Loathing. It's got a real decadent/sleazy electronic quality to it which only adds to the overall effect of the movie.  Not only does it feel like you've stumbled into some 4 am Las Vegas Nightmare, it also has a certain cabaret element to it. Not the tongue in cheek element but more like McGinnis has a secret to tell but she's not willing to share it. Well not until you've earned it anyway! If you fancy having a real sleaze filled, dirty/sweaty party then stick this on and fulfill some sins.   Rating: 6.8/10