Label: Fat Possum Records Release date: 05/07/10 Link: Myspace ‘Sleep Forever’ has Crocodiles removing their wayfarers to take in the whole 360 degree panoramic view. Producer James Ford (one half of Simian Mobile Disco and producer for Klaxons, Florence and Arctics) has dragged the DIY trash recordings of Summer Of Hate out of the gutter to create a clean Spector wall of sound. Everything has been brought up in the mix; the tinnie, amphetamine drum machine beats have now been now cleansed and the bass and guitars, rather than fighting each other, now swagger side by side together. Lead singer Brendan Welchez has blown his nose clean of all his snotty disdain, actually singing rather than sneering, sounding more like the Bunnymen’s Ian McCulloch on ‘Seven Seas’ than Iggy’s dog. Lyrically, rather than being consumed by the bile of their debut, 'Sleep Forever', is seeping with love as Brendan near purrs, “I will love you until the sky above you shines over you”. B-side, ‘Groove Is In The Heart/California Girls’, is a hybrid cover of one hit wonders Dee Lite and the Beach Boys’ classic. The psychedelic acid funk of ‘Groove Is In The Heart’ has been stoned into a blues fug haze that morphs slowly into the Beach Boys’ memorable ode to west coast girls. It’s certainly one of the most different interpretation of the original tracks, but comes off sounding more like the Dandy Warhols experimenting at band practice in 1994. ‘Sleep Forever's’ commercial sound and the band’s employment of James Ford at the helm for their next record shows the Crocodiles are looking to stop being rebels without a cause to become leaders of the pack, but possibly sacrificing some of their originality along the way to get it. Photobucket