Label: Smalltown America Release date: 16/08/10 Link: Myspace Buy: Amazon Brighton four piece Crooked Mountain, Crooked Sea follow the success of their acclaimed debut EP It's The Falling That Counts, Not The Landing with and a brand new one I Watched It From The Roadside - and a new label (Smalltown America). Opening proceedings is 'Slow News Day', a song which builds from a simple drum beat into a powerful number typical of CMCS and reminiscent of Biffy Clyro's more melodic moments. The vocal sits almost in the background which allows the guitars to really fuel the progress of the song. It is a start which suggests a more focused band determined to deliver on their undoubted potential. Next up 'They Don't Mean Anything' delivers the raw, gut wrenching vocal that we've come to expect, along with angular guitars and energetic drums which bands like Future Of The Left have built many a memorable song with. You feel as if it is on the verge of exploding into a glorious, wild frenzy at any moment. You're hoping for it, you're willing it to happen. Alas, it never quite manages it. It never quite loses control of itself – a statement which is true of the record as a whole, in fact. You just feel that in their effort to keep themselves focused they have misplaced a little of that reckless abandon that made them such a joy in first place. The highlight of this EP is undoubtedly 'That Drums Discordant Sound' which slowly intensifies as the song proceeds, growing in stature all the time. The vocals are brutal and intense and the climax of this track is as close as they get to really letting themselves go all out. This is the sound of a band evolving, finding their feet and pushing themselves forward. If their debut was youthfully bashful, then this is certainly more refined and genteel. You cannot help but feel they need only figure out how to marry the two together to make something genuinely special – hopefully just in time for the album proper. Photobucket