There is reasoning behind why Shoreditch's Old Blue Last is one of London's favourite indie hangouts. The Vice Magazine owned venue reliably conjures up events with a wealth of musical taste and incorporates a strict screening process for [what they regard as] cool, which is an ever-decreasing value amongst local competitors and thusly sets The Old Blue's reputation within high regard and popularity. Tonight's billing was by no means an exception to the house policy and I was eager to see if Crows could step up to the benchmark.

Combining influence from 1960's Americana-tinged surf/garage/psych rock and delivered with a Cramps-esque gothic punk ethic, Crows are really on to something. They commenced the performance with an incredibly dirty bluesy instrumental that recalls reference to The Birthday Party era of Nick Cave's early career. This led into their recently recorded track 'Glamour Of The Gods', which encompasses lingering dark verses containing dooming backing vocals and sinister lyrics that creepily quote 'I will follow you home' that works well counteracting against a hard hitting and full-bodied, yet catchy, chorus.

The North-West Londoners certainly encourage a 'go hard or go home' ethos to their live performances. The drums take an absolute pummelling throughout, the amps are screaming in pain via lashings of torturous feedback and guitar strings and vocals cords alike are bound to have been broken. This riotous perspective of manhandling the concept of live musical performance also spells across to the audience, who will undoubtedly suffer some level of hearing damage. However, to recite the wise words of Napoleon (so relevant!) "With great sacrifice comes great reward." Inevitably harm to eardrums should merely be regarded as a sacrifice to the Gods of RAWK and Crows are admittedly well worth it.