Label: Asthmatic Kitty Release date: Out now! Website: Semi-formed songs tend to have the habit of leaving you dry in the mouth, gasping for more. Cyptacize specialise in producing tantalizing droplets of cut up indie pop, with a distinctive American flavour. On most occasions a series of unfinished, brittle compositions would hinder an album, even in the realm of deliberate minimalism and the murky intentions leaked from the illusory world of lo-fi. However on Mythomania the smudges and jerks make for an alluring listen. The album relies on the dreamy sixties girl in front of the mirror vocals of Nedelle Torrisi, she veers from a naïve lover tripping in the fantastic lights of the travelling fairground on ‘Mythomania’ to the shanty almost psychedelic light-psychobilly of ‘Tall & Mane’. Chris Cohen, the former Deerhoof member hams up the dreariness on ‘What You Can’t See Is’, a song that elicits a certain detachment, Cohen somehow manages sound more distant on ‘Gotta Get Into That Feeling’, loaded with escapist spiel. Though uncomfortable, Cohen’s contribution is a minor segue away from Torrisi’s ashen sash of melodrama. Each song a minimal fantasy. Torrisi again is the veritable voice, arctic crisp and longing on ‘The Loving Sun’ with its enlightening ballerina light opening, before the loose riffs swamp the song, and her voice, it hangs there, lingering, yearning as the futile hands of time follow like a lost orphan with empty pockets, kicking a can in the street, meaningless. Because though the songs are humbly crafted, earnest and believably emotive, there is something not quite right, I can’t really describe this, I suppose if you are a fan of Steven Soderbergh and have been since sex, lies, and videotape I'm sure you would have witnessed the director knowingly trying to get back his edge by going out of the way to be as low budget as possible off the back of a big blockbuster, you know that he’s doing this not for art’s sake but to deliberately retain his hipster edge…. wait a minute, where was I? Yes, this is an album that drifts off on random tangents without much coherence, this is not done in ignorance, I mean we are not listening to an Enter Shikari album here, and suffering an aneurysm because of unholy genre crossing blends, what’s worse is that the intricacies and subtleties on Mythomania wash over you, Torrisi’s voice, though the hook is unnaturally hard to grasp and grapple, it gets too far away, the hot air balloon gone in the distance. There are some plus points, for instance ‘Blue Tears’ where it all comes together, the rolling drums, the slash of thick retro guitar and the voice, that pitch perfect voice, bad for you like the Devil’s sweetest syrup. One would hope Cryptacize can make a blueprint of such arrangements and circle around until they trip out, released from the grasp of their sixties fascination. Rating: 6/10