I was unfamiliar with The Borderline before last night's gig, I just knew that it was one of those clubs you'll only find with AA road maps, tucked away down a side avenue of Chinatown or something. That, added with my overall complete lack of direction, I was hesitant to build my hopes too high for this gig on account of it being quite likely I'd end up lost, confused and quite possibly crying. As it happens, it wasn't much of a challenge and I got there happy, if a little late, and therefore missing the first support act, Banjo or Freakout. I did, however, arrive just in time to catch the soulful rock stylings of Delta Spirit, a band who seemed to mix a healthy dose of Americana rock and Arcade Fire playfulness, complete with trashcan banging and drum-kit mounting. They were certainly entertaining, although I was left heavily under the impression that they excel best as headliners; I could see the crowd slowly grooving into action, but before things could kick into overdrive, they had to leave. Then on came the main act, Crystal Antlers. Their UK tour this January has consisted of around 26 London dates (alright, slight exaggeration) and a few tossed the way of the Irish. Either they have a savvy tour manager who understands that a niche scene in Wigan will draw three men and a dog, while the same scene in London will draw 300, or somebody just hasn't told these boys that England is not synonymous with London. Hell, I'm not complaining, it just means an extra opportunity for me to see them again...and again, and again. You know those JML adverts? A company which seems almost entirely about advertising tat invented by a retired man in a shed, and you know how they somehow really make you want that tat by using evocative language and mindblowing imagery? Well, I got to thinking, if JML were advertising this gig (rather than me reviewing it) what would they say and do to really sell the Crystal Antlers live show to you? 'Tired of leaving gigs with your face still attached? Always wondering why most modern bands fail to play the organ with their elbows? Well worry no more, because here at JML we've got Crystal Antlers, Crystal Antlers works in one of two unique ways: they rock and then they rock even harder. Tired of your favourite bands rocking for a bit and then not rocking harder? Crystal Antlers are suitable for weddings, birthday parties, and sporting events. Order now and receive this free otology appointment, courtesy of JML. DON'T DELAY; ROCK TODAY' Hell, I'd buy that. Crystal Antlers are an extremely promising band who refuse to sit comfortably in any genre, their music is fast, colourful, tribalistic, and above all - gloriously pure. If you do have the opportunity to catch Crystal Antlers on one of their many London dates, ditch anything short of saving your mother from a burning wicker man to attend.