Label: Fiction Release date: 06/12/10 Itʼs hard for me to imagine working with Crystal Castles, going by their stage presence, Iʼd imagine it being pretty intimidating, but it seems to be working for the artists who have been working with them. Their collaboration with HEALTH for Crimewave in 2008 has become one of their most popular and more accessible tracks; Not In Love repeats this feat with a little help from an unlikely source - The Cureʼs Robert Smith. 'Not In Love' was recorded for Crystal Castles II, where its de-tuned synths and haunting, almost mechanised vocals from Alice Glass did not seem too far out of kilter with the rest of the album, even if the slightly ʻhouseʼ feel wasnʼt quite in keeping; and now we know why. This isn’t the four minute audio assault course that Crystal Castles have been perfecting for many years, this is a completely different animal. The remixing of 'Not in Love' with the vocals from Robert Smith is essentially genius. As singer with The Cure, this seems an unlikely place to find his influence, but it makes sense. With a voice like Christian Burns and Rob Swire, his vocals fit perfectly over a backing which could have been written by Tiësto. From a slightly ʻout thereʼ track where Crystal Castlesʼ style and Alice Glassʼs vocals allow the music to carry the words, this production has developed a pounding trance-like tune, which is just about the catchiest thing they have ever produced. For a band that have remained a little off-beat for many years, a song under their name with so much potential for fans outside of their usual genre can only be a good thing, and Crystal Castles have certainly delivered. I wouldn’t mind seeing some more collaborations, especially given the change in style that this one offered. I’m not sure if it will end up as a classic song, or even a song that Crystal Castles are remembered for, but it’s catchy, and sometimes you can’t get much better than that. Photobucket