Photos by Simon James Hunt

After touring the UK with East London trio Get People, I managed to catch Crystal Fighters at Liverpool's Kazimier, the inside of which looks like a 1930's theatre.

With a pineapple as a maraca, I knew I was in for something good. The guys appeared on stage and kicked off with song 'Odyssey', ended with 'Careless' and instantly warmed the crowd up for the main act.


When Crystal Fighters came on stage, there was no anticipating what was about to happen. The band played tracks from their album Star of Love, released only in October last year, yet the audience seemed to know the songs word for word, including me. When playing 'Follow' it felt like being at a Spanish fiesta rather than being in a venue in muggy Merseyside, the crowd were wild.

As the band started to play 'At home' released this year, I pushed my way to the front of the crowd where I could barely stand, the atmosphere was that immense. As they played their last song 'Xtatic Truth' - lead singer Sebastian and topless guitarist Graham were climbing stairs on the stage whilst the crowd finally cracked and formed a mass stage invasion. It was honestly like being at the best house party you'd ever been to, but with an amazing band playing too.