As I press play on my stereo and wait for it to load, I become inexplicably excited. Never having been a big fan of Brazilian media darlings CSS (in fact, last time I saw them play live I swore never to watch them again) it seems odd that I should care about this, their second record. But after hearing that they’ve dropped the filthy lyrics, gaining a better grasp of the English language and thus learning just what they’ve been singing, I can’t help but wonder what they’re going to produce this time around.

And seemingly that would be a fairly unimaginative album that lacks both fresh ideas and that sense of fun that was so evident on their eponymous debut record. Lead single ‘Left Behind’ is the standout track of the eleven collated here, incessantly catchy and effective in it’s simplistic nature. Second single ‘Rat is Dead (Rage)’ is almost as brilliant but falls a little short, relying too heavily on repetitive riffs and bass lines. ‘Beautiful Song’ is almost amongst the better tracks, with its sing-song “like me, like he, like she” refrain in particular shining through. Still though, it feels like it’s missing something, that key ingredient that made people sit up and listen first time round.

Maybe the troubles the band have encountered since the release of their first album, ‘CSS’, are to blame. Their former manager, and ex-bassist Ira Trevisan’s partner, reportedly left the band facing severe financial difficulties but lesser groups have faced worse problems than this yet still managed to write and produce outstanding LPs. The thing with ‘Donkey’ is, whilst every song is pleasant enough (apart from the absolutely dire ‘Reggae All Night’) it’s not enough. With the exception of ‘Left Behind’, each track feels like a half-baked, half-finished product; it’s like listening to a set of promising demos that could become spectacular if they were worked on a little more.

'Air Painter' comes to an end and so signals the close of the record, 39 minutes of "meh" over and done with until next time, if indeed there is a next time. Which, to be honest, isn't looking very likely right now.