Release Date: 13/10/08 Label: Sub Pop/Warner Link: If you don't already have a good enough reason to like electro-pop, CSS'll give you one. The more than appropriate title 'Move' does indeed make you want to get up on your feet and it has a truly infectious quality about it-once you've heard it once, you'll want to hear it (and other CSS titles) again and again. This 'expertly crafted electro pop' (with faint undertones of Daft Punk's vibe) completely wins over it's audience with it's adorable, moreish and energetic feel. With more songs like 'Move' to come, expect to see CSS rising higher in every possible way. If you haven't heard them already, or are using the excuse 'well i don't like that kind of music', just listen and you'll get more back from it than you originally anticipated.