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After shouldering support slots across Europe with arguably one of the most iconic British bands of the decade, and basking in the torrent of whispered anticipation from countless blogs, you can almost hear the tracks on CuckooLander's debut EP creaking under the colossal weight of expectation.

That's not to say, however, that this clutch of songs are overly shabby. If anything, they could do with a little fraying around the edges, plenty of their pristine production feeling too clean, supremely concise for a first effort, although we would be foolish to turn our nose up at a record pulsating with such flair for complex pop music.

If 'Dumb Dee Diddy Dumb' feels slightly lacking lyrically, (its clunky title being a bit of a clue), its swaggering, central riff is hypnotic enough to ensure its longevity is unrelenting, swamped in warming licks of reverb, lingering within your eardrum for longer than you would care to admit, nor expect.

It's true. For the most part, much of the EP's charm sneaks up on you, opting to meticulously unfurl, as opposed to exploding in chart-friendly technicolour and, it certainly appears beneficial, even if it is not what you would immediately envisage from the touring drummer of the all-conquering Charli XCX.

'What's Out There' is driven by spasms of angular guitar and squelchy keys, arguably the record's strongest four minutes, but ultimately limps over the finishing line with a lacklustre stab at coffee table pastiche. 'All The Way' is a disappointing conclusion to an otherwise alluring batch of songs. While it's a promising, if somewhat tentative, introduction to the world of CuckooLander, we can't wait to hear what will be produced when the shackles of expectation are loosened.

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