People often say to me “Katie, what music are you really liking at the moment?” and my answer to this question is normally followed by the question “What do they sound like? What genre is their music?” I hate this question. I am shit at separating music into genres and I mostly listen to music which is impossible to classify in one genre. If I tried to describe the music that Cults make, for example, I would consider it: retro, electronic, lo-fi, soulful, pop music. This, as you can see, is not one genre.

Entering the blogsphere with their contagious pop song ‘Oh My God’, at a similar time as the likes of The Naked & Famous and coinciding with new material from Savoir Adore, as a just another electronic pop band, Cults could have been seen as overlooked as far as their single ‘Abducted’ is concerned. However, with recent single ‘I Know What You Mean’ being released in late March, more attention started to be thrust upon the band and people started to recognise them as a pretty decent pop duo. This album just goes onto prove these ideas.

‘Abducted’, the song which I just mentioned as being overlooked, opens the album and is lovely little number about falling for someone who’s inevitably going to break your heart. Madeline even croons, in regards to her heart, “you took it with you and let me bleed.” It’s a cute, relatively stripped back song which contrasts to the second song on the album, ‘Go Outside’ which is merely a less intense yet, brilliant, chilled out pop song.

‘You Know What I Mean’ is probably the song which contrasts most the whole album with its blues ballad rhythm and stronger vocals. This album seems to constantly contradict itself, which I like; it keeps things interesting. With themes going from heartbreak to pining to living life to the full and textures from thick to thin; this album is how a good pop album should be.

Madeline’s voice is also demonstrated in this album to be more than the high pitched vocals of ‘Oh My God’ and actually sounds rather soulful in places. Brain and Madeline certainly present themselves as a well suited duo with their voices complementing each other nicely and production being nice and sleek throughout the album.

My personal favourites are ‘Abducted’, ‘Most Wanted’, ‘You Know What I Mean’ and ‘Bad Things’ but this is album is certainly a must have as it’s unique, interesting, uplifting and the perfect album to walk down the street to on a summer’s day. I’d really recommend it.