Just after doors and the outside of the Scala is looking apocalyptically deserted. It’s one of those days in London where the ominous grey sky bears down and the dense air sticks to your throat. Upon going up the Shining-esque spiral staircase into the dark cavernous venue that Brooklyn duo, Cults’ bittersweet pop will shine a ray of sunshine on such a British day.

The only support of the night is London’s Fanzine

Thankfully by the time Brian Oblivion and Madeline Follin take to the stage the venue has packed-out and is filled with anticipation. Along with Madeleine and Brian, three other members take to the stage to flesh out the songs that were originally written by just Madeline and Brian in their Brooklyn apartment. Opener and single, ‘Abducted’ hits out with an unexpected ferocity as Madeleine hidden behind a mass of hair and tightfully gripping the microphone pleads with an ever-watchful Brian’s bopping behind a keyboard as they relive an imagined doomed love affair. Madeleine emerges from her hair to announce it’s only their second time playing in London, but they don’t show it as they go into the desperate sass of ‘The Curse’ and the tongue-in-cheek Spector-esque duet of, ‘Bumper’.

Madeleine’s vocals are even stronger live howling out across the venue, especially on scaling melodies of ‘The Curse’. So, it comes as a surprise when she thanks us in a cupcake sweet high pitched voice. Brian, for the most part, stays behind his guitar and piano looking like a kid after one too many Hershies kisses. He finally breaks free on ‘Go Out’ for a guitar solo to serenade the increasing hoards of sickening couples linked together. Tonight, also see the band play ‘Rave On’ for the first time that thankfully shatters the high school disco mood.

Closing with ‘Oh My God’ as the couples finally prise themselves apart, it’s clear that Cults will have more staying power than any brief romance.