Label: Drag City Release date: 02/08/10 Official Site It was worrying when Brighton-based Curly Hair's myspace described them as 'thrift-shop pop'. I thought hippy. I thought cutesy. I thought nauseating. I was so wrong. 'Pumpkin Eye' leaves a fantastic first impression and deserves some time on repeat. Simple, classic and yet somehow exotic, it bodes very well for an upcoming album. After an opening of cheeky Mexican-style trumpets and some memorable vocal harmonies, the female vocals that follow are strong but tender. The drums are unobtrusive throughout, and the regular rhythmic strumming of a lone acoustic is well complemented by some happy hand claps and the folksters' favourite, the glockenspiel. As the male and female parts diverge and duel towards the end, the trumpets draw you in to a stirring finish. Marry all this with some non-clichéd lyrics and Curly Hair have pulled out a folk cracker of a single. Photobucket