Label: Sister's Den (NA) / Memphis Industries (Europe) Release date: 01/03/10 Website: Official CEG Myspace Cymbals Eat Guitars may just be one of those names that you've heard of but never quite gotten around to actually listening to. On the strength of the two tracks that make up their latest single from the debut LP (released in Europe as far back as October '09) it'll be quite understandable if you start scrambling frantically to make up for lost time. A-side 'Wind Phoenix' is an incorrigibly youthful, languorous slice of Americana. Joseph Ferocious' charmingly nasal vocals evoke childhood grunge obsessions and lazy, summer days without, somehow, feeling overly clichéd or pointedly immature. 'Ballad Of Big Nothing' (Elliot Smith Cover) begins with a similarly sunny disposition and is equally infectious. The wonderful outro is composed of Ferocious' raw shouting over an earnest major-key rock out borders on a psychedelic wall of noise; it's not the most shocking ramping up of dynamics but it adds a crucial hint of another mode to the band and closes out the single on a soaring, gleeful high note. Did we mention they're all about 20? From Staten Island? Crazy madness. Let Cymbals Eat Guitars make you feel like an innocent, excitable indie-rocker once again. Photobucket