London-based graffiti artist, D*Face (aka Dean Stockton) accepted the challenge presented by MTV host, Peter King, to paint a newly found skate pool in San Barnadino “Badlands” California. For D*Face, one of his strongest inspirations is skateboarding cultures so it seemed a perfect fit. California’s San Bernadino, or ‘Badlands’, was hit hard by the economic downturn and subprime mortgage fiasco, and as a consequence many properties have been left vacant. This conveniently presented the skating community with the opportunity to mark their territory on an abundance of unused and beautifully curved 1950s swimming pools. One such pool, dubbed ‘Ridiculous’ as a result of its ideal shape, was discovered by Peter King and legendary skater Steve Alba. Offered the opportunity to paint the pool, D*Face fulfilled his dream of visiting the mecca of all skate communities, where his early interests in the relationship between art and skateboarding first came alive. D*Face finally finished his creation after four marathon 17 hour days of painting. As the sun went down on the fourth day, over 100 reputably wild skaters took to the vibrant backyard slopes, completing D*Face’s vision of interactive street-art in its finest form.