Label: Kanel Records Release date: 22/11/10 Link: Bandcamp These songs are really, really nice. There, I’ve said it: the cat, covered from head to foot in spilt beans, has been let out of the bag. You don’t have to read the rest of the review to find out what I think of this split single, watching as I toy with ‘favourable’ or ‘negative’ only to come to my totally unpredictable and incredibly exciting conclusion at the end, leaving you exhilarated by the rhetorical rollercoaster I’ve just given you a ride on. They’re awesome. End of. Firstly, a nice little ditty from Dad Rocks!; I don’t really know how Snævar Njáll Albertsson finds the time to put out two awesome records in one year (DR!’s Digital Age and Mimas’ full length Lifejackets), only then to go on and lay down another corker of a track, but I’m glad he does. Maybe he’s got one of those time-stopping watches like out of Harry Potter or something equally plausible. I don’t know. But don’t you just love it how he fluctuates between his usually soaring tenor and that mug-of-warm-cocoa-and-slippers-by-a-fire baritone? Yeah you do. Representing the other side of the pond, Heister started earlier this year (find out more about them from the recent introducing piece we did). In terms of general atmosphere they take an even more chilled attitude to things than Snævar, which is anything but a bad thing. Mike Kinsella’s (Owen) benevolent spirit presides benevolently over proceedings, ensuring that hushed vocals and intelligent acoustic guitar licks are all in evidence, but there’s also some nice pre-‘Pink Moon’ Nick Drake vibes going on too with that tinkling piano. While quiet acoustic music is maybe destined always to get talked over at gigs (I saw Jose Gonzalez once and couldn’t hear a bloody note he was playing thanks to all the shitmunchers drowning out the PA), it can sometimes have a mysterious power over you when you listen to it by yourself after work or in the evening. I think these tunes have that kind of effect. Everything becomes calm when you listen to them. So I’ll say it again: they’re awesome. End of. Photobucket