Label: Haldern Pop (Distribution: Cargo) Release date: March 1, 2010 Link: Myspace Listen: Hands And Knees Formed by the Snavely siblings (real ones, no Jack White shenanigans here) Sarah Parthemore and Jacob Donald, Dag för Dag trick you into believing they are just run of the mill folk. And that's half the truth. The other truth is that it's atmospheric rock pop, with some psychedelia put in for good measure. Consider 'I am the assassin', with its distorted voices (both in the front and ooh-ing in the back) and infectious riffs. The darkness visited is a recurring theme, as the album goes for a chilling horror theme, clearly clued in by the cover and title (aptly called Boo). The psychedelic motif is also revisited. 'Silence as the verb' is like the slick soundtrack for driving through the desert. The pairing of the voices is also a nice touch, as Sarah's voice is ethereal, almost ghost like, whereas Jacob's is gravelly. Two more tracks that really stand out. 'Seven stories' abandons all hope of folk and tranquillity, with a manic syncopated rhythm that shows its rockier face whenever it’s required. ‘Traffic jam’ is more on the seedier side, equal parts Tom Waits (with a lighter shade of gravelly voice) and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. The sheer darkness of the mental imagery conjured by the lyrics (and the weird mumblings) are sight to behold (er, listen to) and although unsettling, it’s representative of what’s around on the album. ‘Animal’ just goes for the mental pace, rocking whenever it should be rolling. ‘Ring me, Elise’ goes for the jugular, rocking out and as a final track, it's a cracking choice. Hopefully it won’t be a forgotten track, as it should be listened to anyone getting into Dag för Dag and their own brand of Swedish madness. Photobucket