Apparently the name is not an attempt to mock the famous American racing driver. That dealt with, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. are an indie pop band from Detroit who play dressed in NASCAR gear (though not ironically). Anyway, this isn't a review of the band name, but their new EP, Nothing But Our Love.

It's no surprise to learn that the two band members Joshua Epstein and Daniel Zott began working together thanks to a shared love of production. The reason it's no surprise becomes apparent when you listen to the EP. It's very clean and clinical in it's production. That's not to say it a soulless, joyless listen - it's certainly upbeat in it's delivery. There are decent hooks, some lovely vocal harmonies, good bass lines and tons of nice effects. It just feels too ordered and clean. I want a bit more mess, some feedback and tape hiss. If the latter things sound like hell, then give this a whirl.

Opening song 'Nothing But Our Love' has a lovely guitar and some good effects. The tempo is pretty low and steady. With the addition of the synths and effects the song gets an upbeat feel, despite the pace. 'Skeletons' is probably the standout track of the EP for me, as it's the one with the least amount of effects and production. It is there, it's just not as obvious as elsewhere, allowing the song to walk on it's own. It's pleasantly lo-fi, with some more excellent, dreamy vocals. There's even whistling. If you can't like whistling in a song there's no hope for you.

'An Ugly Person On a Movie Screen' has a definite pop feel to it. The rhythm section is upbeat, but this time it's all about loops and effects. It doesn't really jump out at you and feels a little bland and a touch too safe. The final track on the EP is a Kasper Bjorke remix of the title track. Bjorke is a Danish DJ/Producer and he does a nice job on the remix. The tempo is lifted and some nice percussive elements are added, which act as a nice counterpoint to the fairly sedate vocal pacing. Not bad, but again this is firmly pop, destined for the dance floor so lots of young people can jump around. There are occasional moments on the EP I liked, but too often it seems to plod along verging on Madonna's Ray of Light period or any latter years Cher song. Vocally the band are very good, it just feels disappointing that the vocals are accompanied by music that's pop by numbers. Overall it's a bit uninteresting really.