Somewhere in between post-dubstep’s James Blake, glitchy electronic innovator Gold Panda and 90s garage reminiscent Pariah, Glasgow based Dam Mantle fits in. It’s no surprise that he’s been affiliated with Derwin (Gold Panda) since the two did SXSW shows together and both are solo electronic artists. Tom Marshallsay’s new EP We is the first release on Get Me records, a London based collective which has housed artists, DJs, writers and curators since 2006.

Opener and title track ‘We’ shows a complex texture of oscillating synths, haunting samples including a church bell and a vocal sample that sounds like someone twisted in agony. As the song progresses, the programmed drums speed up and the vocal sample blends acting as another instrument in this strangely mesmerising song. The vocals provide a sinister edge throughout the EP and you feel as if they’re reaching out for a release.

The EP flows smoothly and the songs merge into one another, and could be considered dreamy and lullaby-esque if it weren’t for the harsh staccato drum beats. The most accessible track, ‘Not A Word’, features a bellowing vocal around a 90s garage beat and rapid muted hissing beats. There’s an atmospheric element to Dam Mantle’s music that creates a dystopia, conjuring up a bleak and harsh alternate reality.

The grainy black and white photo in the album artwork gives an eerie effect and this compliments the expansive, chilling nature of Dam Mantle’s music. The imagery, including the video for ‘Not A Word’, filmed in black and white, clearly shows his artistic side and this reflects on his music, taking different components and transforming them into atmospheric electronic songs.