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Jurado’s album is nicely schizophrenic. 

He plays the country boy, the pessimistic poet, Neil Young, Kurt Cobain...and that’s only in the first five tracks. We get to see every facet of his personality in song form.  All thirteen remind me of a different artist, with a folky twist. 

This album feels like a recycled version of something you’ve heard and loved before – a compliment I assure you. Trials has a beautifully bleak melody, and feels like a shout out to Josh Pyke, which is not to be frowned upon. There’s a time for criticism and it falls on Coats of ice, which somehow doesn’t sit amongst the other memorable tracks. Repetition of the drawled line, ‘You’d look better dead’ made me feel like someone was watching me through the garden window. It’s the only risk on this album that misses the mark. I’m still not sure what to make of Sorry is for you in all its ten seconds, albeit a nice bit of violin.


Jurado has an ear for quirky chords and arrangements, inspiring guitar-fuelled numbers like Go first. I could babble on and on about each individual track; they all stand out. ‘Caught in the trees’ feels like the album of an artist who hasn’t quite decided who he wants to be, musically speaking. But I promise you, that for the meantime, this indecision is no hindrance. Jurado dares to flaunt the colours that clash.