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The opening to the bio for Damon Frost sums up all his vital stats (and provides some delightful shinfo) pretty succinctly: "[He] is a non-conformist. Not by design, but by default. He is a black Jew, has five middle names, and he refuses vehemently to be remixed. The Los Angeles born and Stockholm based producer, rapper, and professional dancer is a Swedish Grammy nominee." Consider our interest piqued. It probably also helps that his music is darn impressive to boot.

The veteran producer and sonic take-things-apart-to-see-what-makes-them-tick-and-then-put-them-back-together-in-a-strange-order, erm, -ist, is loading both barrels with his Explain My Drive EP. It's four solid gold tracks of instrumental experimentation, and we see him dabble in old school hip-hop, dance, dubstep, bass and electronica. It's not your standard listen, and to be honest, it can you can become easily estranged from it as Frost delves into digressions and trundles down tangents. Avante-garde instrumental hip-hop isn't for everyone.

The opener 'Step Up' is a cataclysmic fusion of '30s horror organs, sci-fi boom-fwip bubbles, classic rock guitar solos and '90s rap beats. It's surreal yet chill - for the first half, before the EP's signature distorted bass creaks burst in. They're loud and all-consuming, eviscerating the atmosphere created thus far. 'Rainmaker' and 'Raw-King' rely on the jarring volume too, with only final cut '45 Tear Down' opting to subtler ideas - breathy gasps, enormous torrents of chopped-up samples and percussive mayhem.

The EP is vastly experimental, and if Frost's not bombarding your lug 'oles with the biggest basslines of 2014, then he's ramming them with frenetic beats. Explain My Drive is impressive technically, but it's almost untenable to a casual passerby; there's many things that make other musicians and critics step back and go 'whoa', but few elements that'll endear it to a wide audience. That said, it's fascinating while it lasts.

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