Truly brilliant British singer-songwriters are few and far between. There have been plenty of average and worse, but none have come anywhere near the heady heights of Nick Drake's distant and short career. Devonian Dan Arborise is the next man to be levelled as the Nick Drake for our time. The similarities are obvious. He has the soft vocals and a ability with an acoustic to match the great man, but undercuts with a want to do much. Instead of an organic, DIY feel, the production of Of Tide And Trail, his second outing, creates a glimmering backdrop of carefully placed layers of guitar and swelling Harmoniums each playing it's own part, especially on I Live. It takes away the tone that goes hand in hand with this style of folk. His ability with an acoustic shines through in the nine-minutes of Cries- you'll struggle to find a better acoustic guitar solo, but guitar aside, Of Tide And Trail feels like it's missing something, some real guts. My Dear goes nowhere but meander down a slow melody and deep, whispered vocals,things should be shorter and sharper. Under Your Spell could be halved and still feel too long. When the guitar does the talking and when the songs aren't making Sigur Ros songs seem like snippets, Arborise actually shines. She Told Me How To Love Her would nestle easily into Drake's Five Leaves Left, and the Colin Hay-esque opener Another Side Of The Sky are what Of Tide And Trail should have been. Instead, many end up going nowhere and take a helluva long time to get there too much. It seems Nick Drake is still untouchable. Rating: 6/10