Label:Just Music Release date: 17.08.09 Website: Dan Arborise Myspace Dan Arborise will drop your jaw with his intricate guitar lines. Hyper-folk, infused with bluegrass, traditional but forward-facing. Then, his voice will bewitch you. Deep, husky, melodies that trail off only to re-emerge, jinking off towards another harmony. His sense of melody, phrasing and even pronunciation at times not entirely unlike one Jeff Buckley (perhaps crossed with Michael Ackerfeldt, Opeth guitar god). This is all You’ll All Get What’s Coming To You. Cries on the other hand, (track, rather) begins with a melancholy, 4-note riff, repeated infrequently, bridged by an even more affecting vocal line than the preceding track. Slow burning, when applied to Cries, is certainly an understatement (it weighing in at 9 minutes as it does) but the timbre and atmospheric swirls hold interest fast. Then, seemingly unheralded, comes one of the most original, impressive, incredible and beautiful finger-picked solos committed to any record i’ve heard in recent memory. Quite how Arborise constructs such a thing, let alone play it, is beyond mortal ken, and whilst tying together two long, fragile segments it injects the song, the single, the Dan Arborise persona with a little genius and a lot of soul. Rating: 8.5/10